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  • Fits your garden
  • Active and Sporty
  • Unique like your kids
  • Maximum safety
  • Crafted for kids
  • Wild kids approved


Are you looking for a cool swing set and love individual, colourful design? Then FATMOOSE is the place to be for we take children’s wishes to heart. Our modular systems can fulfil almost any dream. FATMOOSE has a selection of slides in trendy colours and the playground equipment can be set up in a variety of ways. Decide yourself where you would like the ladder, the slide, the swing or climbing frame to be on your swing set. The extensive number of accessories make the swing set just perfect.

The wooden elements are made in-house with top priority placed on the durability and high quality of the wood. To protect it against mould and weather, the wood is impregnated with a quality water repellent. Our wood beams are 7x7cm thick and two-piece safety caps are used. Each swing set has safety handles and a sturdy frame.