PlayhouseThe perfect hideaway

Wooden garden playhouse

A wooden playhouse in the garden is the ideal retreat for children. In their own little space, they can hide, play, and share secrets. A wooden playhouse integrates naturally into your garden and is particularly durable - perfect for outdoor use.


FATMOOSE Kids' playhouse in the garden

A playhouse in the garden is a hub for creative play with friends or siblings. Here little ones can create their own secret retreat and enjoy playing in the fresh air. Building the garden playhouse yourself is sure to make for a fantastic shared family project. In contrast to a plastic playhouse, a garden playhouse made of wood is considerably more weather-resistant, and also blends naturally into your garden. Thanks to the high-quality, impregnated wood used for the playhouse, a particularly long product life is guaranteed. As such, a wooden playhouse is the ideal oasis of fun for your garden. At FATMOOSE, you can find various models in keeping with your family's needs. Whether a climbing frame with an integrated playhouse, a playhouse with a slide, or a playhouse with a sandpit – you are sure to find what you are looking for in our online shop.

Build a children's wooden playhouse yourself

With FATMOOSE, building your own kid's playhouse by hand is simple. Extensive assembly instructions are included in the delivery, and thanks to the pressure-impregnated solid wood, there is no need to apply an additional coating to the garden playhouse. Prior to assembly, plan how to best position the playhouse in your garden, so that there are no obstacles such as roots or uneven ground.

To perfectly tailor the wooden garden playhouse to your children's preferences, you can also find suitable accessories in the FATMOOSE online shop: from versatile swing seats for your playhouse with swing set, to chalkboards for secret messages, or sporty basketball nets etc. However, we also have your children's safety covered. If you want to ensure a particularly soft landing for your playhouse with slide and swing set, simply install fall rubber tiles around the playground equipment. To protect against smaller animals and roots, order a weed control fabric when purchasing your playhouse with sandpit .

Their own little space in the playhouse with slide and swing set

Whether building with building blocks, playing with friends, or cooking with toy china - a wooden kids' playhouse in the garden feels like a real playground paradise and oasis. If your children like things to be a little more sporty and enjoy being active outdoors, choose a kid's playhouse with slide, or a playhouse with swing set. Here kids and their siblings or friends can really let off steam and find lots of ways to combine the various elements into their play. Those who are particularly brave can even climb up into a tower playhouse and enjoy the view over the garden.

At FATMOOSE we do not focus solely on fun and safety, but also on distinctive design - as diverse and unique as your children's interests. That's why we have set ourselves the task of constantly creating and developing new ideas that are perfectly tailored to your family's needs. Simply have a look in our shop and select the ideal model. At FATMOOSE, you will find the right solution for any size of garden - as individual as you, your family, and your lifestyle.