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FATMOOSE sandpits for children

A FATMOOSE sandpit for children is the perfect garden play equipment for the outdoors. Choose between a sandpit with a playhouse, a sandpit with a bench, or even a climbing frame with a sandpit. A sandpit is suitable for any garden. It offers endless opportunities for fun and plenty of space to get creative. In their sandpit, little ones can create worlds of sand castles and sand cakes with their own hands, dig, or simply play around in the mud. A sandpit can easily be constructed in a few hours on a free afternoon - and then the fun can begin!

Sandpit with cover

Learn about the advantages of a sandpit with a cover for yourself. A FATMOOSE sandpit is characterised in particular by its natural look and solid quality. In contrast to a plastic model, an outdoor wooden sandpit with a cover is more durable and weather-resistant. You can find different models in our shop, from a large sandpit with cover to a smaller verison. To protect fine sand from the weather and from animals, a sandpit with a cover is ideal. A cover keeps leaves and other forms of dirt at bay, making a sandpit with a cover extremely low-maintenance. The cover does not shut completely, however: this prevents the formation of mould due to moisture build-up, ensuring that your sandpit can be enjoyed for many years to come.

If you want to purchase a sandpit, you are sure to find a model to suit your family's needs in our online shop. Choose between models with a removable or integrated cover. This can easily be folded away to create a practical bench. To protect the play area from roots and worms, you can lay down a weed control fabric when building the sandpit.

Building your sandpit

Whether you choose an individual sandpit or a playhouse with a sandpit, the models from FATMOOSE will blend naturally into your garden. A swing can also be combined effectively with a sandpit. Before setting up the sandpit, you should consider the most convenient location - then nothing else can stand in the way of the fun! You can also easily build a sandpit cover yourself - for example, if you already have a playhouse with a sandpit or want to protect the sand from dirt. Take a look at our FAQs if you still have questions about our products.


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