Dealer directory

In our webshop, you will find the widest selection of our unique climbing frames, wendy houses, swings and more at the best prices.You can also find a selection of our high-quality products on the following platforms/at the following online retailers. If you find one of our products on a platform not listed here or under another vendor name, you must assume that the article is not an original product from our company. fatmoose does not give any guarantee with regard to products that are not purchased in the aforementioned manner.

How can you protect yourself from buying counterfeit goods?

  • Purchase your fatmoose/Wickey product exclusively via our webshop or via one of the dealers listed below.
  • Be careful when an alleged product of our brand is offered at exceptionally low prices.
  • For the above reasons, we recommend that you always purchase fatmoose/Wickey products from an authorized fatmoose dealer network. This way you will not only receive products of the highest quality, but you will also enjoy the best service.
Platform Account name
Allegro Wickey PL, FATMOOSE PL
Amazon Wickey DE, Wickey FR, Wickey IT, Wickey UK, Wickey ES, Wickey NL Wickey NL, FATMOOSE NL, Wickey BE
Cdiscount Wickey FR, FATMOOSE FR
CDON Wickey DK, Wickey SE
Decathlon Wickey DE, Wickey FR, Wickey UK, Wickey NL, Wickey BE
eBay wickey-spielturm, fatmoose_style, wickey_uk
Galaxus Wickey CH
Home24 Wickey DE
Kaufland Wickey DE, Wickey CZ, Wickey SK
Leroy Merlin Wickey FR
ManoMano Wickey DE, Wickey FR, Wickey IT, Wickey UK, Wickey ES
MyToys Wickey DE
OTTO Wickey DE
Worten Wickey PT