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Delight your little ones with a fatmouse tower playhouse

If your children love playing in the garden or you want to encourage them to spend more time outdoors, then a fatmoose tower playhouse for children is the perfect choice. Our range covers every need your children may have - whether it's a fun tower playhouse with a swing and slide or a cosy tower playhouse with a sandpit. In the same way that your children are constantly developing, so are their individual needs. So you can easily expand your tower playhouse in the garden with play equipment from our other ranges. Sandpit, swing or climbing frame, expand the fun of playing in your garden.

If you want to personalise the tower playhouse even more, this is certainly a wonderful project for you and your children. With a little colour, fairy lights or seat cushions, you can create a truly unique piece. The tower playhouse in the garden may even become an exciting explorer station or a jungle paradise. The wood is already protected against wind and weather thanks to the pressure impregnation, which helps to ensure a long-lasting product. And as long as our tower playhouse makes kids' eyes light up, our job is done!

Promote motor skills with a tower playhouse with slide and swing

A tower playhouse with a slide and swing is the ideal place for children to test their limits and abilities. In the safety of their own garden, the children can use the various play elements, which can help develop cognitive and motor skills. Join your children as they climb the platform on a tower playhouse with a climbing wall. Or let them dig for hidden treasure or build sandcastles in a tower playhouse with a sandpit. At fatmoose, there's a large selection of tower playhouses for children, which are just as varied as your little ones'. Decide on a suitable model, depending on the age and size of your garden. Children can play on a tower playhouse with a platform height of 150 cm for many years. A tower playhouse with a swing and slide offers the ideal complete package, as friends and siblings will also find space to play around here. If you want to make the surface of the play area even safer, you can find rubber tiles in the fatmoose shop that can be placed under the tower playhouse. If you want to purchase a tower playhouse, you are sure to find what you are looking for at fatmoose.

Build your own tower playhouse

Our detailed assembly instructions will guide you through the "build your own tower playhouse" project - but extra helping hands are always an advantage. As soon as you have the necessary tools, you can start the project immediately. As our wooden tower playhouses are pressure-impregnated, there is no need to do any additional painting. It can be processed directly. Before setting up, however, carefully plan where your model is to be positioned in the garden. This avoids potential obstacles such as roots that could delay the construction of the tower playhouse with slide and sandpit.

Our tip: If you want to build a tower playhouse for your children yourself, their safety is of course your top priority. In the fatmoose online shop, you will find everything you need to build the tower playhouse with slide and sandpit safely and stably, including the necessary ground anchoring and weed control fabric to keep pests away.

Accessories for a children's tower playhouse with a personal touch

If you want to buy a children's tower playhouse, you can keep in mind how easily you can customise it with suitable accessories. You can choose the right extensions for your tower playhouse in the garden based on your children's needs and preferences. For example, swap a swing seat for a baby swing or add more climbing holds to a tower playhouse with a climbing wall. To ensure that your tower playhouse with a platform height of 150 cm always has a safe landing, we offer rubber tiles in our shop. Just take a look around!


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