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FATMOOSE Photo Competition

What could be better than having a dreamy FATMOOSE paradise in your garden? That's right, winning back £100 of the purchase price! What do you have to do? It's really simple:
Set up your FATMOOSE playground equipment and send us an awesome photo of your garden paradise for your chance to be one of three lucky winners! It doesn't matter whether you take the photo using a camera or your phone and the choice is yours as to whether your video features your kids carrying on on the equipment. No limits are placed on your creativity!

1. Send your photo to [email protected].
2. Then fill out our online form. You will find it here.
3. Keep your fingers crossed and with a little luck you might come away with £100.


By participating in our competition, you confirm that you agree to our conditions of participation. Please also refer to the notes on the processing of personal data .