Order now, deliver later

What are the advantages?

 Secure great discounts

 No long storage period over the winter

 Enjoy at Easter

 Pay purchase amount in two instalments

1. Place your order
  • In the checkout, select the "Pre-payment by bank transfer" payment method
  • Complete the order as usual
2. Pay the deposit amount
  • Transfer 30% of the purchase amount immediately after placing your order only to the account detailled below
  • State "Deliver later" as the reason for the payment, along with your order number (e.g. Deliver later - #UKF0000571631)
3. Pay the remaining balance
  • Transfer the outstanding 70% of the purchase amount two weeks prior to your desired delivery date
  • The balance must be paid by no later than calendar week 7 in order to guarantee pre-Easter delivery*

Payee: Wickey GmbH
IBAN: DE38 3125 1220 1400 0913 91
Bank: Kreissparkasse Heinsberg
Reason for payment: Deliver later - #UKF0000XXXXXX



IMPORTANT: When availing of this promotion, please use only the bank account detailled above.

*If you pay the outstanding balance any later, the delivery time may be significantly longer. To help you remember to pay your outstanding balance, we will send a payment reminder for any unfulfilled orders in calendar week 6.