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Can I choose a forwarding agency of my choice to return a FATMOOSE play equipment?

For logistical reasons, we are unfortunately unable to offer a choice of haulage companies. We are also unable to pass on the haulage company's information, as they often work with subcontractors.

How do I send back an item?

If the goods to be returned are forwarding goods, we will coordinate a pick-up date for the forwarding agent with you and assume the entire costs of the return.
If the parcels are smaller, however, we kindly ask you to return them to a parcel service provider of your choice yourself. Tip: Always choose the same parcel service provider who was also responsible for the delivery of your goods. This is usually the cheapest option.

Will I receive confirmation that my returned item has arrived?

Once we have received your returned item, you will of course receive an email from us confirming receipt of your item.

How do I get my money back?

Reimbursement depends upon the payment method. If you paid cash in advance, please send us your account details so that we can issue a refund. If you paid by PayPal, credit card or via Amazon, your payment details are already stored and we do not need any further information to issue a refund. Please note that refunds can take up to 14 days.

How long is the complaint period?

There is no established complaint period. There is a 10-year guarantee on all our wooden parts and a 2-year guarantee on accessories. Statutory provisions remain unaffected. Further information can also be found in our <a title="cancellation policy" href="https://fatmoose.co.uk/cancellation-policy">cancellation policy</a>.

What should I do if an item is damaged or missing?

Although our partners are very reliable, delivery errors can occasionally occur. Please have any damage visible at first glance noted on the supplier's consignment note. In this case, we kindly request that you still accept your order and check that it is complete and intact based on the assembly instructions, and that you document any damage with photographs.
You should then get in touch with us using our contact form and send us a complete list of the affected items, including photographs. Providing a complete list of the affected items helps us to avoid long waiting times.
We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to offer a suitable solution.

Can I refuse to accept delivery of Wickey playground equipment in the case of significant damage?

Sometimes delivery damage occurs in spite of our reliable partners. Please have any damage visible at first glance noted on the supplier's consignment note. Kindly accept the goods anyway and check that they are complete and undamaged. Following delivery, contact our customer service team using our contact form. We will take care of a replacement as soon as possible.

How can I exchange an item?

The return form is also used to exchange an item. Enter your e-mail address and order number and follow the instructions on the following pages. Our customer service will contact you as soon as possible to discuss how to proceed.